What’s Scarier than the Food You Waste? Your Lovely T-shirt!

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You recycle beer bottles, plastic. Try your best to reduce food waste, because oh! The world food hunger is a global crisis, and also because you care about the environment. 5th June- world environment day, remember? And all the efforts you put to support mother earth- taking the public transport, reusing plastic bags, and what not!

But here’s a fact- the world environmental catastrophe sits right in your factory!

No, I am not blaming you. You are not the one who turned a blind eye. You might just be unaware or lack resources to do something about it.

So this article lists down the environmental crisis your lovely t-shirt is putting on this world and what you can do to contribute in saving the environment. Because a simple-basic-plain t-shirt is harming the environment.


This consists of all the processes starting from cotton cultivation and ending with the consumer usage of the t-shirt. Globally, around 2 billion t-shirts are sold every year. If we take into account the carbon footprint generated here, it transforms into something very alarming.


Shocking, right?
The scale of this carbon emission can be understood by these facts:

If we consider the carbon footprint of conversion of fiber to fabric stage (24.6 billion kg), it is equal to greenhouse gas emissions from:


And equivalent to carbon concealed by:


What you can do to reduce the consumption of resources in t-shirt manufacturing:

Though a lot of manufacturers are trying to reduce the impact of t-shirt manufacturing on the environment, there is still a vast scope. All they need to do is invest in green technology to evolve their processes and methods and monitor the impact on the environment.

Green technologies like intelloBuy and intelloCut can help them curb the very need of fabric by accurate buying and efficient planning.

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*Figures used in this article have been extracted from sources mentioned above.

About the author:
Navjeet Raj is a senior consultant at ThreadSol Software. He has over 7 years of apparel industry experience with a valuable global exposure. He holds a degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT.

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