Webinar – Apparel Sourcing in a Dynamic World – Pathway for Emerging Countries

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Stitch Diary hosted its 4th webinar on the topic “Apparel Sourcing in a Dynamic World – Pathway for Emerging Countries”.

The webinar offered expert advice from:

    1. Mr. Anas Shakil (Sr. Partner & Head – Emerging Countries, ThreadSol)
    2. Mr. Varun Vaid (Associate Director, Wazir Advisors)


Webinar started with a brief introduction of the big players in garment manufacturing (Ex. China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia etc.). 

The main discussion started with the introduction of new geographies in garment manufacturing. The targeted countries were:

Major points of discussion for these countries were:

  • Reasons why these countries are emerging
  • Barriers to their growth
  • The approach for these emerging countries if they want to compete/succeed as a prominent garment manufacturer

The video is full of useful insights and questions asked by the attendees. If you have any questions, do write them in the comments section below.

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