Webinar – Challenges in Apparel and Textile Sourcing

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Stitch Diary hosted its second webinar on the topics “Challenges in Apparel and Textile Sourcing“.

The webinar offered expert advice from

1. Ms. Yamini Jain (Senior Consultant, ThreadSol)
2. Ms. Louis Amelie Leuchtenberger (Marketing Head, FourSource)
3. Mr. Ashok Chhajer (Director, Krishna Lamicoat Pvt. Ltd.)

The webinar talks about various topics like:

1. The key drivers of Textile and Apparel Sourcing
2. Major challenges of sourcing – both from Brand as well as Manufacturer’s point of view.
3. Why China and Vietnam are the major sourcing hub for manufacturers?
3. Emerging geographies for Apparel Sourcing
4. How can digitization bring a change in the apparel industry
5. Future of Apparel Sourcing

The video is full of useful insights and questions asked by the attendees. If you have any questions, do write them in the comments section below.

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