CAD Software DOES NOT Save Fabric

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CAD solutions have become a norm. It is a necessity for every factory. Be it to digitize patterns or to have your markers ready in one click!

But is your solution provider taking advantage of this dependency?
Do you really need to shell out thousands of dollars for CAD 9.1 when you’re running on CAD 9.0? But they said it’ll give you 1% more fabric saving than you get now! They said it’ll help you save money.
Fabric saving is a physical thing. Fabric saving with CAD, a myth.

Let’s illustrate this with a simple example.
For instance you have an order of 400 pieces.
S-100, M-200, L-100. This order needs to be processed with the following rolls:


For this you make a single marker – 1S-2M-1L. With my CAD 9.0 I get a marker of length 3.98 m.
So we have,


Let us assume the lay length (marker length + endloss) is 4m.

How will you use your rolls for this marker?
Pick up roll R1, spread maximum number of plies possible i.e. 20 and record the length of endbit left.

Similarly, all rolls are spread to complete the lay and we obtain:

CAD 9.0

Now, let’s see what happens if I upgrade to CAD 9.1 that claims to save me 1% fabric. Keeping the marker construction same, my new marker length = 3.94 m and the lay length = 3.96 m.

Using my rolls as I had done in the earlier case, I obtain:

Have I saved any fabric? No. Furthermore my wastage has increased by 30%.

This basic example is enough to validate that CAD solutions do not guarantee fabric saving. They are excellent for marker making complexities, however they play little role in the reduction of wastage in the factory.

The need of the hour is to have a solution that takes into account fabric rolls and the variations on floor to maximize utilization and minimize wastage.

IntelloCut is one such advanced tool which considers all the fabric variations and gives the most suitable solution that helps you maximize utilization and minimize wastage. To know more take a look at and get the benefit of free trial here.

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  1. Tushar Kumar Paul says

    I believe in your comments “CAD Software DOES NOT Save Fabric”, and I will add one more sentence with this, “CAD never saved fabric”. Fabric is saving by the people & experts who have proper knowledge of using CAD system. Better we can say, no software in this world can save anything, it’s the user of software or system who saving materials. It’s important to add values to the expert who playing software. But in one case I betray with your comments … Version up gradation of CAD Marker software always gives better result to save fabrics, in this case, I can bet you.

  2. Narvey Goldman says

    Excellent. It is important to focus on the whole picture.
    But bear in mind that things change. 40 years ago we were using $10.00 a metre fabric and paying cutting room employees $300.00 a month.Today similiar fabric is $2.50 a metre, but cutting room employees are earning $2,500.00 a month…..So now it is 30 times more costly to attempt to save fabric!

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