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Stitch Diary is a platform to learn and share knowledge about the apparel industry. The author, Mausmi Ambastha, has 13 years of experience in the industry through which she wants to educate about the various concepts.

The blog was launched with an initiative to serve the textile and apparel industry with important facts, ideas, innovations, news and effective solutions.

Mausmi also has a Stitch Diary vlog channel to make the learning easier through the interactive videos.

The Team








Mausmi Ambastha
COO & Co-founder at Threadsol Pvt. Ltd.

Mausmi is an established expert in the garment industry with over 13 years of experience.
Her brain child, ThreadSol, is a practical reflection of her ideology – “Buy what you need, use
what you have!”
Mausmi, holds a Master’s degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT, Delhi and is also B. Tech in
Computer Science. She has been a part of the Nasscom Product Conclave, Bangalore and GTE
Garment Industry Seminar, Delhi with the idea of addressing existing industry gaps and bridging
the same. She has written over 20 publications for several leading apparel magazines like Stitch
World and Fibre2Fashion.
Prior to ThreadSol, Mausmi did apparel consultancy and training with Methods Apparel in
South-east Asia. She has also worked as a faculty at NIFT and loves to teach whenever she gets
an opportunity.
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Contributing Editors


Mahima Bhatnagar
Head of Content

Mahima holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology with specialization in Apparel Production from NIFT, Bangalore. She has over 3 years of experience in content marketing. Her key responsibilities include developing and implementing content strategy and monitoring short-term and long-term marketing targets.
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Shivam Kharwal
Marketing Executive

Shivam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology with specialization in Apparel Production from NIFT. His key responsibilities include reporting on marketing data to aid management in making decisions and to manage and track social media accounts.

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Neetika Aggarwal

Neetika is a freelance content writer, who develops content focused on the operations management domain. Neetika holds a Master’s degree in Operation Management from Birla Institute of Management Technology, Gr. NOIDA, and a B.F.Tech. in Apparel Manufacturing from NIFT, Gandhinagar.




Head Designer

Soma Sen

Soma is the head designer at Threadsol. She holds a Master degree in Design from Govt. College of Art and Craft, Calcutta.

She is responsible for overseeing all design related tasks and development of layouts required for all communication strategies at ThreadSol. Soma works collaboratively with the Marketing team on all creative projects including graphic development for articles, brochures, banners and media related communication.

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