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Dear All,

The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.

This is my attempt to create a knowledge sharing website especially for garment industry professionals.

I welcome all of you to please share your experience and ideas on this website and also let us know what topics would you like to discuss and learn about.

I will try and bring in industry experts to write on specific topics and to help us increase our combined knowledge base.

– Mausmi



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  1. Shobhit says

    Hello Mam, I recently got to know about your site and found it relevant for people who are seeking this sort of information but which is not available easily likewise available for other industry. Please keep sharing best practices and more frequent… Thanks

    1. Mausmi Ambastha says

      Thanks Shobhit for your appreciation and encouragement.
      My idea is to compile my experience in the garment industry and create a knowledge base to streamline the least explored garment industry. It will be great if you come up with topics more relevant to discuss about on this forum and have a discussion on them.

  2. Prasanta says

    Congrats for this initiative. There is very few knowledge base for this industry… your effort may create a common place where we get everything related to garment industry. I look forward for good discussions in this space.

  3. Dhawal says

    All the best for this venture ma’m… It would be great to have some discussions on sustainability initiatives taken by garment factories and how they can be promoted further.

  4. Akash says

    This would be good to keep a track of.
    All the best Mausmi!

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